Extra Earning Opportunities #3: Cash4Free

What is Cash4Free.com?

Cash4Free.com is a place where you earn free cash for completing offers, but that’s not all, they also have many other ways you can make money. I earned enough to cash out my very first day of being a member, you can too! I’ll show you how you can make $15, $20, $25, or more by simply following a few steps and you can literally cash out in less than a day. There are no hidden fees, or strings attached, you can earn free money by doing almost nothing, and this isn’t too good to be true!

How can I earn money?

Signup Bonus

You can earn up to $6.60 just for signing up, how great is that? The signup bonus is usually credited to your account within 24 hours.


They have hundreds of offers you can complete to earn free money. You can cash out in less than a day without spending anything. They also have paid offers where you try out a product, and if you don’t like it, simply cancel the trial. You’ll still receive credit, and you only spend a few dollars, but you earn several times that for trying it out and completing the offer.

Daily Surveys

They also have daily surveys, which like the name implies, you can complete every day. They currently have 6 daily surveys, and they all credit $0.80 to your account. That means you could earn over $140 a month by completing daily surveys alone. That’s a lot of money for very little work.

Spin the Wheel

You can even win prizes by playing the Spin the Wheel game. You have the daily chance to spin one time if you have earned at least $1 by completing offers. You’re guaranteed to win at least $0.10, but can win up to $3 instantly! You’ll also receive one bonus spin for every offer completion worth $5 or higher.


Referring people to Cash4Free.com is another great way to earn free money. You earn 20% of your referrals’ earnings. That means if one of your referrals completes an offer worth $1, you receive $0.20. If they spin the wheel and win $3, you earn $0.60. You can even earn when their referrals earn money.

How can I sign up and earn the signup bonus?


When you first go to link above, you’ll be asked to enter your email address. Then you’ll be asked to confirm your email address, enter your name and address, as well as your PayPal email address. After you enter that, you’ll be brought to a page full of offers. Select “Yes” for all of them and you’ll receive the largest signup bonus. Some offers will ask for more information after you click “Yes”, just enter the information required and skip the optional fields. That’s it, your signup bonus will say pending when you first sign up, but is usually approved within 24 hours.

You’re signup bonus is split into two parts. The first part ($5.00) will show up at the top of your status page under signup bonus. The second part ($1.60) will show up as Bonus under your credited offers which is also on the status page.