Extra Earning Opportunities #2: PiggybankGPT

What is PiggybankGPT?

PiggybankGPT is a really great way to make money online without spending one penny. It’s a “get paid to” program that pays you for signing up and taking surveys. It’s simple to register with them and you can begin making money immediately. With PiggybankGPT you earn money for completing free offers, risk free trial offers and some paid offers. You can easily earn as little as $.50 per offer to as much as $50 per offer in less than 10 minutes. I know this for a fact because I’ve done many of their offers. They have ZZZ Quiz/Absolute Rewards/BlazingRewards/PTC offers, and much more! I personally make $0.15 each day simply through the numerous PTC offers they have. (PTC means paid to click so by basically visiting a website, they pay you for that! You don’t even need to sign up for anything!)

How can you earn money here at PiggybankGPT?
– By Completing offers to websites
– By participating in daily surveys
– By signing up to trials
– By referring other members
– By participating in contests
-By clicking and viewing websites

What I LOVE about PiggybankGPT is their enormous contests.
There are offer completion and referral contests that are running at the same time! For all of you who sign up from Canada, UK, or Australia, you guys have your own contest so you won’t have to compete against the US members who may have more offer than you. By doing this, you guys from Canada, UK, or Australia have an even greater chance to win these contests!

Note: The older members who have been around for some time are at a disadvantage when it comes to these offers contests because older members have already completed most of the offers. Therefore, signing up brand new puts you at a great advantage!

How do I get Paid?
PiggybankGPT’s payment system is very simple and easy. The minimum payout for INSTANT paypal payment is just $5. You don’t need to be verified or anything. They will send you the money just a few moments after you click to request button.

This is one of the better GPT sites I have ever used and if you are serious about making some easy money you should sign up. Again, I want to reiterate the INSTANT paypal because I know many members are looking for sites that offer this payout option. Check it out for yourself!